Common Data Processing System
Version 12


We have been constructing the spectral data processing system named Common Data Processing System (COMPRO) under VAMAS (Versailles Project on Advanced Materials and Standards) umbrella since 1989.  COMPRO is designed to be a program to convert an original spectral data file structure to ISO14975 and 14976 formats, to assess the data processing procedures proposed by scientists, to calibrate energy and intensity scales according to ISO standards, to check a spectrum, and to build both spectra and correction factor database.   In this system, the spectral data acquired on different instruments and/or computers can be compared to one another.   COMPRO has been upgraded many times, and the latest one is Version 12 (COMPRO12), which runs on Windows.

COMPRO12 (b version: 12.64: 2021/07/18)
Download <setupCOMPRO12.exe> , then [COMPRO12] is installed in your computer.  If you have already installed [COMPRO12], the warning message may appear during the installation.  In this case, please uninstall the existing [COMPRO12] using [Control Panel] – [Add or Remove Programs] of Windows, before installing new version of [COMPRO12].  If the version of Windows is later than 8, use [Setting] - [System] - [Apps & features] to uninstall [COMPRO12], and click [COMPRO12].  Then select [uninstall] button.

COMPRO12 has newly included [Active Shirley background subtraction].  However, [Active Shirley background subtraction] is still improving, and COMPRO12 is waiting for userfs opinions.  Therefore, COMPRO12 is provided as a b version.

COMPRO12 runs on Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0.  If Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 has not been installed in your computer, the recommendation message for installing .NET Framework 4.0 may appear on your computer.  In this case, please download <dotNetFx40.exe>, and install Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0.

You are recommended to download <sampledata.exe>, which will automatically dissociate to the sample data.  The data are stored in [c:\SASJ\Data].  These sample data are useful to understand the functions of COMPRO12.

Spectral database
SASJ has constructed the spectral database.  If you download <database.exe>, which will automatically dissociate to spectral data files, you can use the SASJ spectral database.  The database is created in [c:\SASJ\Database].  The retrieval system of the spectral database is incorporated into the COMPRO12.

Absolute AES spectral database
COMPRO also has a database for AES absolute spectra measured by Prof. Goto.  The intensity scale of AES absolute spectra is [pA].  If you want to use Prof. Goto's absolute AES spectral database (version 2.23), please download <gotodata.exe>, which will automatically dissociate to AES absolute spectra measured by Prof. Goto.  The database is created in [c:\SASJ\Database].

Help menu
COMPRO has a help menu connected to SASJ home page via internet.

Library of old versions
COMPRO11: Download <setupCOMPRO11.exe>.

COMPRO10: Download <setupCOMPRO10.exe>.

If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to
yoshihara.kazuhiro(a) (Please replace (a) to @ when you send a mail.)